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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  July 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> and right now at 11:00, there's a threat for severe thunderstorms later today for the start of this fourth of july weekend. and that's why we've issued a first alert this afternoon for parts of our area. here's a live look at radar showing where the rain is falling right now. you can see it coming into our west. it is a big weekend in philadelphia, with wawa welcome america festivities already underway. here's a live look from our kimmel center campus camera. plenty of people have gotten an early start to the holiday weekend. many of them are already at the
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shore. the lucky ones enjoyed a nice morning walking along the beach in atlantic city. we also found some visitors soaking up the song along the boardwalk. but a few stray showers blew through. nbc first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with a look at the holiday weekend. there was some rain for parts earlier today. we're expecting some rain for other parts. >> this morning, a few showers along the shore. a first alert weather day is out for new jersey, pennsylvania, and delaware. the threat for severe storms will be in place for everyone, mostly this afternoon and this evening. strong to swore thunderstorms possible as we go into the e second half of your day. here's the severe threat. it's in yellow. so this is the area where we have the best chance for strong to severe storms, with damaging winds, heavy rain, lightning, and hail. again, that is pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. and this will mostly be after lunchtime today. right now, we're dry, we're cloudy, we're warm, we're humid. but the rain we're watching, that's still back off to our
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west. so once it gets closer, we'll start to see more scattered showers and thgnderstorms developing. and again, some of those could be strong to severe. if you are already starting your weekend, keep an eye to the sky. take your umbrella with you. temperatures will still be warm, though, near 80 in philadelphia. 80, dover and vineland. and if you're at the shore, 77 right now. coming up, we'll take a look at the timing of the rain for the afternoon. what you can expect, and of course, your all-important fourth of july weekend forecast. that's straight ahead. >> all right. sheena, we'll see you then. thank you so much. and many people are already heading to their holiday destinations. sheena mentioned the shore, the shore or the poconos. let's check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington, who's been watching the roads all morning. hi, jess. >> hi, katy. what seemed to have happened this morning, we pretty much skipped over what is normally a rush hour with a lot of delays on our majors. but we'll touch on some of them right now. this is the schuylkill expressway off-ramp to route 202. as you can see, we have an earlier accident right here.
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still over to the shoulder. maybe a little bit of a slowdown, but for the most part, doing okay. if you're maybe heading to f. international airport, maybe to pick somebody up, there are some delays there due to weather. and some of the surrounding airports as well. 77 minutes now due to thunderstorms for arriving flights to philadelphia. and you are headed down the shore at the parkway, you can see no problems or delays now's a good time to go. katy? >> jessica, thanks. today, penn's landing will be the place to be for july 4th fun. the wawa welcome america festival kicks into high gear with music and fireworks along the waterfront, but there's fun right now for the little ones. tim furlong is live for us at smith memorial playground in fairmont park. tim, it sounds like there's a lot of fun stuff going on behind you. tell what us what you're doing. >> we're trying to answer the age-old question, who let the dogs out. that's what they were playing just a minute ago. you can see the kids have a good
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time here. it's one of those places not everybody knows about, but you should know about it, it's pretty awesome. and it goes all the way back, back, back behind this big mansion over here. over here, they have face painting going on over here. they have the big, beautiful playground. 11:30, we'll take you down to the historic wood fly they have, which is also really cool. but as we walk and talk, i want to tell you about something going on today. this is go 4th and get fit. in the distance, you can see that cool playground over there. there's a lot going on here, a lot for kids to see, and a lot of places for moms and dads to kind of and it watch it in the shade. it's a beautiful day for it. the african-american museum is free today, as well, backç in center city at 7th and arch. later on, there's going ton movies in northern liberties. of course, the philadelphia orchestra will be playing tonight, and comcast nbc universal. we'll throw you a fireworks show tonight at penn's landing, as well. there's a lot going on. lots of nice people. these kids might be the cutest kids ever right here. you guys are like way cuter than
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my kids. i hope they're not watching. these kids are cuter. everybody wave to the camera and say happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july! >> all right, the adult's the only one that did it. that didn't go quite as well as i thought it would. it's all right, because they're cute. but katy, lots of great stuff going on and lots of cool events right through monday. make sure you check the nbc 10 app and you'll find everything that's going on. we'll come back at 10:30 and take you down the slide. maybe i'll even go down the slide. >> we'll hold you to it. all right, i've seen tim furlong's kids and they're pretty cute. nbc 10's wawa welcome america's coverage continues throughout the day. tonight at 7:00, vai sikahema and rosemary connors will get you ready for all of the holiday festivities. it is a jam-packed few day. tim already spoke about this, but here's a rundown of the wawa welcome america event happening today. it's free museum day at the african-american museum in philadelphia, or you can go 4th and learn about fitness at smith
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memorial playground where furlong just was. that's happening at noon. and 7:00 tonight, it's philly at the movies. and at 8:00, you can enjoy the philadelphia orchestra neighborhood concert and fireworks show at penn's landing. a live look at the blue cross river rink where skaters will get a perfect view of the fireworks over penn's landing later today. the shows are happening tonight and tomorrow night. both begin at 9:30. for a full list of wawa welcome america events including today's concert at 5:00, tap the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. well, it's 11:06 now, and right now happening in atlantic city, hundreds of hospitality workers are picketing the trump taj mahal casino. >> taj mahal. >> on strike. >> nbc 10 was there when union members went on strike at 6:00
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this morning. their union officials said they couldn't reach an agreement on a new contract. they're looking for concessions that were made during tougher times to be restored. this morning we spoke with a union representative. >> we're disappointed that the taj mahal did not recognize the serious contributions that thesç workers bring to the industry, to the company, and to the town the way that the other four casinos that we negotiated with them settled tentative contracts with yesterday did. >> and yesterday, the union struck deals with valle, caesar's, hara's, the tropicana casino. we reached out to the taj, but have not heard back yet. at 11:59 tomorrow night, all road projects funded by new jersey's transportation fund will stop. governor chris christie declared that in an executive order written early this morning. it's in response to the state nat senate, refusing to take action on a proposed gas tax. earlier this week, the assembly approved the bill that would
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increase the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. the plan would also gradually cut the sales tax from 7 to 6% and eliminate the tax on retirement income. firefighters are testing the liquid in a container found leaking in west oak lane. hazmat crews contained the leak just before 2:00 this morning on madari avenue. no one had to be evacuated from their homes. when we get word from firefighters on what that liquid is, we'll let you know. investigators are looking into an overnight oil spill in a creek in montgomery county. they say the oil was found behind a condo complex at valley road and coventry avenue in cheltenham township, just after midnight. there's no word yet on where that oil came from. just a few minutes before 11:10. and turning now to decision 2016. prepare for traffic backups during the democratic national convention. philadelphia has decided not to ban rush hour protests. there's one coming to broad street on the first day of the
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convention, july 25th. here's a live look now from our kimmel center campus camera. a group will be marching from city hall to the wells fargo center, where the convention takes place. at first, the city of philadelphia said the march would not be allowed, but eventually the city decided to issue a permit, so they could manage the protests that will likely happen anyway. this morning, around 1,000 dui cases in philadelphia could be reviewed, because the breathalyzer machine that police officers were using was not properly calibrated. a lawyer discovered the mistake yesterday and called the philadelphia police department. the breathalyzers were immediately taken out of service. police recalibrated them and started using them again. now, state guidelines mandate they be recalibrated once a year. anyone who was given a breathalyzer test recently could beç affected by this. >> there's going to be cases that are going to be thrown out and there are going to be cases that people have already been
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convicted of that should be thrown out and people should have the ability to appeal. even if they've already served their penalty. >> something similar happened five years ago. nearly 1,500 were given another court date because of faulty breathalyzers. today, you can take a chance on the third largest prize in mega millions history. check out the sign along i-95 in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. the jackpot, as you see there, has climbed at least to $415 million for tonight's big drawing. that's $286 million for the cash payout. no has won mega millions since march 8th and the top prize has been growing since then. well, it's ten after 11:00 on your friday. coming up next, donald trump's short list for a running mate. new jersey governor chris christie finds his name on it. we'll tell you who else could be a possible partner for presumptive republican presidential candidate. and we have a threat for some strong to severe storms this afternoon.
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coming up, i'll show you the timing, what you can expect. and of course, your fourth of july weekend forecast, that's next.
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welcome back. now to decision 2016. today there's a little confusion over whether bernie sanders is ready to endorse hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination. now, vice president joe biden told national public radio that he has talked to sanders and that sanders says he will
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endorse clinton and unite the democratic party. but sanders was asked about the endorsement on msnbc, and maintains what he said last week, which is, he'll vote for clinton, but still won't endorse her. sanders said the two campaigns are discussing issues important to his backers, including free public college, and universal health care. now, on the republican side, the focus today is on a potential running mate for presumptive nominee, donald trump. the business mogul is considering former house speaker, newt gingrich, for vice president. gingrich has become a prominent trump ally in recent months. and nbc news confirms new jersey governor chris christie is also on the short list of potential republican vice presidential candidates. christie is being vetted for the job. in early may, he was named the chair of a transition team for presidential candidate donald trump. that team is assembling experts on domestic and foreign policy and will look to fill cabinet positions if trump is elected president. and right now, trump is in
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denver at the western conservative summit. this is a live look atç that event. he is expected to deliver the keynote remarks in a little over an hour from now. former republican vice presidential nominee, sarah palin, is also expected to speak there. a justice department official says attorney general loretta lynch will accept whatever recommendation prosecutors make in the investigation into hillary clinton's handling of classified e-mails. lynch is expected to talk about the investigation at a summit in colorado that's happening right now. the officials spoke amid a controversy over a private discussion between lynch and clinton's husband. the attorney general spoke to former president bill clinton onboard her plane at the phoenix airport on monday. republicans criticized that meeting as inappropriate, given the ongoing justice department probe. lynch said they did not discuss the investigation. this morning, a newly installed manual docking system was tested at the international
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space station and it was a success. a resupply ship undocked and backed away to a distance of about 600 feet from the space station. cosmonauts then took manual control of the spacecraft and redocked it. well. good afternoon. we have a first alert for today. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware already under the risk for some strong to severe storms. now, the main timing of this will be this afternoon and this evening. that's when i think we'll see the most widespread shower and thunderstorm activity. and those strong to severe storms are possible right in that time frame. so the second half of the day, after we're going to warm up the most, and that's going to fuel these storms the most. here's a live look out at center city. overcast skies. it's cloudy, looks like it could rain at any minute, but most of the rain is still off to our west. and your seven-day is always scrolling right at the bottom of
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the screen for you with our neighborhood weather. so the timeline for philadelphia, right now we're at 79 degrees. by 1:00 p.m., 84 degrees, mostly cloudy, maybe some pop-up showers. but by 4:00 p.m., we do expect thunderstorms, temperatures still staying at about the mid-80s. rest of the area, temperatures close to 80 in many spots. along the shore, we're in the mid- to upper 70s. 77, cape may. 78, wood vine. 73 in atlantic city, if you're at the shore right now, or if you're heading that way for the weekend. so i have that forecast coming up in just a minute. here's a look at the current radar. there are storms just south of suffolk county in maryland. i think those are going to barely skiiç sussex county and move offshore. but most of the areas looking dry and cloudy. one shower trying to develop around maryland, just west of new castle county, but that's really about it locally. what we're watching is off to our west. this line of showers and some thunderstorms, this will be moving into central p.a. in a little while, and eventually
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into our area this afternoon and into this evening. so here's the timing on it. future weather by 3:30, some scattered showers and storms around. a little more intense as we go there from 3:00 to about 7:00 p.m. at that time, we expect some showers and storms starting to wind down later tonight and as we go into your week, especially. so aside from today, your weekend looks pretty good, especially along the shore saturday and sunday, sunny skies, low 80s for the shore the tomorrow. avalon, margate, stone harbor, rehoboth beach, atlantic city all looking really good. uv index is high, so once the sun comes tomorrow and sunday, you'll get a sunburn in about 15 minutes. want to wear the sunblock for that. by monday, we have a weather system that could be bringing some late rain to part of the area. take a look at that with our along-rain forecast model here. high pressure is in control saturday and sunday. that's good news. keeps our skies sun and dry. then we go into monday. most of the day, dry. look at the rain trying to move in late monday night. so we'll be watching that very
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closely as we go across the weekend, because we've been seeing that for the past couple of days, so we'll be certainly watching for any updates. now, the rest of the area, as we go into the weekend, no matter where you're heading, if you're in philadelphia, mid-80s saturday. also on sunday, sunny skies, pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, even south jersey, all looking at the mid-80s. a warm, sunny weekend just after the storms today, even in delaware, expect temperatures in the mid-80s. your fourth of july monday, everyone looking pretty good. we'll see the clouds increasing on monday. temperatures still warm, mid-80s, but again, that threat for some showers, mostly along the jersey shore and in delaware. but again, that wouldn't be until later in the day on monday. i think it's a pretty good forecast. your weekend does look nice and dry, aside from those showers we'll be watching very closely. but the thunderstorms this afternoon, that's what we'll also be watching. you can track those with our nbc 10 news app. we'll also be right here giving you updates throughout the afternoon. a closer look at the timing of those storms, coming up. >> thanks, cina, see you then. it's day five of the wawa
11:20 am
welcome america festival. and trust us, the best is yet to come. here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway right now, the site of america's biggest and best birthday party on the fourth of july. coming up, we'll check in with the man in charge of wawa welcome america and we'll talk about the events you won't want to miss this holiday weekend.
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welcome back. it is day five of the wawa welcome america celebrations.
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and what a week it's been so far. nbc 10 has been giving you a front row seat to all the festivities. and there's a lot more in store, trust us. here's a live look right now at the ben franklin parkway, the site of monday's july 4th concert. and we are starting the parkway party early this year, at 5:00 p.m. so a lot more people can enjoy that. and joining me now is jeff wercino, you're the president and ceo of wawa welcome america, a title you were bestowed with about a month ago. >> yeah, the mayor said we need a great family-fun event that's going to last ten days, and it's going to be all free. >> not a tall order. >> not at all. but this week has been extraordinary. all the community events we've been going to, people have been come together in thousands, hundreds, 1500s, 500, in the neighborhoods, for movie nights,
11:24 am
for free performances. so today really starts to kick off the really big stuff. >> right, because, before, like you said, there were things happening in different parts of the city on smaller scale. but really starting today through monday, just jam packed with big, wide skail events. >> in fact, tonight in our first big fireworks show. three big fireworks show. the last time we've had three shows this big was back in tlchb and they're 30% bigger this year. >> nice. so what are some of the highlights, as you've been taking it all in. what should families expect coming out today or later this weekend? >> everyone loves fireworks. come down to penn's landing tonight and you can see great fireworks. if you're over 21, you can go to sugarhouse and watch it from there. if your family's a little bit older, you can go to sugarhouse and watch the fireworks. or you can go and enjoy free concerts. the philadelphia orchestra, which was just all over china, is now doing a free concert for us this evening. later this weekend, it is all
11:25 am
about whatever age you are and having fun. so if you're a family, you can come to the historic philadelphia block party on sunday, begins at 1:00. it's food, it's festivities, it's patriotic characters. >> that's along the parkway? >> that's at independence hall, where it all began. liberty bell, independence hall. a great experience, free entertainment. everything is free. >> people love hearing that. >> family friendly and free, right? >> and then you come to the pops. one of my favorite events is sunday in front of independenceç hall. come and picnic, here the pops with all the great music. and you really have a great time. and then we get into july 4th. >> and that's what -- we have a jam-packed day, right? 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. of festivities. what are a few nuggets you want to share with us? >> a couple things, watch the morning ceremony here on nbc 10 or come out and join us at nbc 10. and then we kick off with kidz bop. and then if you want to come at
11:26 am
night, five hours of nonstop live music that people are going to have a home run with. and then it ends again with fireworks. >> right. and the third and final show. >> correct. >> is that going to be the biggest scale of fireworks is every show pretty equal? >> they're all pretty big, but you have to have july 4th -- which, by the way, the first firework shows in philadelphia was in 1777, but it's giant fireworks show with a great soundtrack. so when you watch the fireworks, also listen to the soundtrack. that's the brilliance and creativity that happens. when the music and fireworks comes together. >> it's seamless. it's nice to actually pay attention to the music. >> there are a thousand people working on this festival this week to make sure people have a great time. we're ready for people to come out and relax. check out the app. the nbc 10 app is great to get around. use septa. or figure out other ways, like call a friend or relative and check us out on facebook and
11:27 am
social media and that's what people have been saying, they've really been saying, we're going to go to that event, because my neighbor or friend said they're going thereby >> jeff gocino, thanks so much. a reminder about the grand finale we were just talking about. the big wawa welcome america july 4th fireworks show over the ben franklin parkway is at 10:00 monday night. and you can watch it live right here on nbc 10. for a full list of wawa welcome america events, just tap the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. and changing gears now, there is a first alert for today that we've issued because of the threat of heavy downpours and lightning. now, here's a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. sheena will be back to let us know when we're most likely going to see some severe weather roll through and what's in store for the rest of your holiday weekend, coming up next. and staying safe on the 4th. if you're one of the 40 million americans estimated to be traveling this holiday weekend, why you should expect to see
11:28 am
more security in many places across the country.
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a stormy day is in store, and because of that, we've issued a first alert for the threat of severe weather later today. here's a live look at our radar right now, as you can see wet weather coming in from our west. parts of the shore saw rain this morning and people there could be in for more later today. here's a live look right now down at cape may, where it doesn't look too bad. if you're down there, you're probably enjoying it as best you can. the phillies are hoping the storms will be gone in time for tonight's game against the kansas city royals. first pitch is at 7:05. and the first of two xfinity fireworks shows is set to happen right after the game. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with the
11:32 am
forecast for today and your entire holiday weekend. hi, sheena. >> hi, katy. we have a first alert because of thunderstorms that will be moving through this afternoon. the area under the risk for severe weather has been expanded to all three states now. mostly this afternoon and evening, and any thunderstorms could become strong to severe, so that potential will exist as we go through the second half of the day today. right now, we're mostly dry, just cloudy and it really looks like it could rain at any moment outside, but most of the rain is still back off to our west. that line of brokenup showers. we do expect some thunderstorms as we go through the afternoon, so we'll be watching that very closely. one thunderstorm just south of sussex county in maryland, that will be sliding offshore. for now we're looking at cloud cover cover across the area. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures mostly in and around the mid- to low 80s. showers and storms, some of these storms could be strong to severe.
11:33 am
we'll be tracking these for you throughout the afternoon. a closer look at the timing and your weekend forecast for the fourth of july, that's coming up. >> the wawa welcome america festival is in high gear today. there are lots of ways you can celebrate america's birthday, including the free museum day at the african-american çmuseum. and right now, there's another event for kids at the smith memorial playground in fairmount park. nbc 10's tim furlong is live there. tim, a lot going on behind you. i have to say, your kids are adorable. the ones you showcased earlier were very cute as well. and we want to see you go down the slide. >> reporter: my kids are a little bit older now, they're not quite as cute as those little kids. a lot of kids here at smith memorial playground. if you've never been here, a lot of people haven't, it's a beautiful place. there was a mansion, fairmount park, there was a mansion there, but now it's a huge series of different playgrounds for kids of all ages. but the thing everyone's talking
11:34 am
about is this slide. here's my thing about going downed the slide. i would do it, but the line is really long and the rule is no cutsies. but this is all going today. it's called go 4th and get fit. we're going to throw you a big old fireworks show. movie at northern liberty, but if you want to come out all day today, to the smith memorial playground to see nice kids like these coming down this awesome slide, this is an historic slide, it's a giant wooden slide. if you've never been down here, you have to bring your kids. there's a long line. again, i'm not going to cut. i'm sorry, i'm not going to do it. but come on, go down! on live tv. what can go wrong? somebody's going to go down here in a second. there's so much going on withwa welcome america. so many great reasons to come into the city of philadelphia. whether you live in the city or
11:35 am
come from this part of the city, there are no excuses anymore not to come in. and all this stuff we're talking about, it's all free. and it's all so much fun. here, this little girl here on my left is going to go down. there we go. this wood is very slippery. it's kind of like a bowling alley lane. you can see. you're supposed to say on the potato sack, guys. >> hey, he did it right. we're going to get our legs taken out here. katy, you've got to bring a kid here. this really is a lot of fun. it's off 33rd and oxford. a lot of people are already tweeting me. where's this thing at? you've got to google it. 33rd and oxford is the way in. it's like a diamond in a big other diamond. that was a horrible -- >> that was a horrible analogy. >> reporter: that was -- the point is, it's awesomeéo thank you, katy. >> who better to showcase all the festivities, especially at smith memorial than tim furlong.
11:36 am
have a good one, tim. see you later on this afternoon. and nbc 10's matt delucia, who better than matt delucia to give us a bird's eye view of what's happening this july 4th in philly. >> reporter: sure, you can read about what's going on around the 4th, but a visual is always better. and what better way to show you than with this. come along. first, we'll talk about today, friday. at 7:00, it's philly at the movies. pizza and schmidt's on 2nd, a free movie under the stars. if live music is more your thing, let's head to penn's landing. at 8:00, it's a free concert by the philadelphia orchestra, followed by fireworks on the waterfront. and by sunday, hopefully those fireworks got you in the patriotic spirit, so how about celebrating with an historic block party. the streets around independence hall and the liberty bell is where you want to be. here is the area, fifth and
11:37 am
sixth streets between market and chestnut, shut down to traffic, and open for food, music, and fun. at 8:00 sunday, the philly pops will perform here, featuring two broadway and opera musicians from our area. monday is a busy day, so save your energy. there's a lot of action in store. starting with the celebration of freedom ceremony here at independence hall, then 4,000 people will march through historic philly, some on floats, others in marching bands. but at noon, it's time to party, on the parkway, that is. 21st street to eakins oval, that area highlighted there. that is where you're going to find deejays, food, and beer gardens. and then the main event. there is the stage. you can see it's all ready. the wawa welcome america concert starts at 5:00 p.m. monday. a little earlier than you might remember, five hours of music honoring the sound of philadelphia, capped off with fireworks over the art museum.
11:38 am
all of it broadcast right here on nbc 10 and telemundo 62. we hope you'll join us. in sky force 10, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you, matt. and join us tonight at 7:00. nbc 10's vai sikahema and rosemary connors will get you ready for all of the holiday weekend festivities. for a full list of wawa welcome america events, including monday's concert at 5:00, just tap the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is theç official media sponsor of the festival. the holiday travel rush is on, and security is stepped up at cities across the country, as they gear up for the july 4th weekend. here's nbc national correspondent, peter alexander. >> in new york city this morning, a herculean effort ahead of july 4th. the nypd's hercules unit on alert, armed with military grade assault rifles. the department telling nbc news the counterterrorism team will
11:39 am
have an a presence after attacks in orlando and istanbul. >> i don't think people should be afraid today, but people should just be more aware. >> reporter: like in houston, nbc's janet shamlian is there. >> reporter: they're already getting ready for the fourth of july celebration here in houston. part of that is a large security presence to protect the 100,000 people who were coming downtown for the concert and the fireworks. >> reporter: nbc's ron mott in chicago. >> reporter: security fencing ready to go up here at chicago's navy pier. they're expecting more than 400,000 over the holiday weekend. every visitor will be checked, so they can pull off two safe fireworks displays on saturday night and on the 4th. >> reporter: and nbc's miguel al ma gaur in los angeles. >> reporter: at this command center staffed by lapd 24/7, they are on heightened awareness, though they know of no specific threat. they are watching millions in this city coming and going all
11:40 am
weekend. and they say they are prepared for anything. >> reporter: late thursday, the lapd training for worst-case scenarios. >> we're going to practice right here. >> reporter: the big concern this holiday, soft targets. like airports, trains, restaurants, and malls. all with huge crowds and nearly impossible to fully protect. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. today, workers at the trump taj mahal in atlantic city are on strike. >> taj mahal. >> on strike! >> nbc 10 was there when union members hit the picket line at 6:00 this morning. their union says it could not reach an agreement on a new contract. they're looking for concessions that were made during tougher times to be restored. >> i haven't had a raise in the last ten years.
11:41 am
there was a 20 cent raise. that's $2 a year. that's not enough to sustain the cost of living and takeç care my family. >> we reached out to the taj, but have not yet heard back. yesterday, the union struck deal with bali's, cesar's, harrah's and the tropicana. details on those agreements have not yet been released. well, at 11:59 saturday, all road projects funded by new jersey's transportation fund will stop. governor chris christie declared that in an executive order, signed around midnight this morning. it's in response to the state senate refusing to vote on a proposed gas task. now, earlier this week, assembly members approved a bill that would increase the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. the plan would also gradually cut the state's sales tax from 7 to 6% over the next two years and eliminate the tax on retirement income. it's about 20 before noon on your friday. and coming up next, setting the stage. one of the big musical acts in
11:42 am
monday night's concert on the parkway is live in our studios. and i'm tracking showers and storms for later on this afternoon. coming up, i'll show you the timing, what you can expect, and what your fourth of july weekend forecast looks like. that's next.
11:43 am
11:44 am
♪ welcome back. music that's synonymous with the sound of philadelphia.
11:45 am
the intruders were one of the first groups to have hit songs because of the legendary music producer, kenny gamblin and leon huff. we are thrilled to have the next generation of this iconic group join us this morning, live in our studio. welcome to the intruders. welcome to our nbc 10 studio. so nice to meet all of you. >> a pleasure being here. >> so glenn montgomery, bill, james murphy, call vince jaimhe and michael singletary. not missing anybody? so you'll be on stage as part of the tribute for the legendary gamble and huff. tell us about your tribute on monday? >> we're looking to do three to four songs, maybe. and we picked some of the ones, some of the biggest hits. so we just want everybody to come out and enjoy themselves and enjoy some music from the
11:46 am
past. but it still goes on today. >> it absolutely goes on. what kind of impact, tell us, has gamble and huff had and continue to have on the music scene? >> oh, they're very big. they're very instrumental in the music that's even going on today, because they're still doing things.ç but the sound of philadelphia when they came out, it was a new sound. and we were fortunate enough to be the once to bring and help kenny with that sound. >> well, your sound, your music has been popular since the '60s and 70s. why does it resonate so well with people? wel well, it was like a love atmosphere. and they were love songs, really. giving out good advice and telling stories about love and the situations that was going on during that time, you know? he did a lot of things, with the
11:47 am
old -- >> whispers. >> not whispers so much, but melody. he had the blue notes. and so many came through there and we all tried to deliver a message, a message that kenny and leon were projecting to us. >> it was a powerful and positive message. so i hear you might be prepared to sing a few bars a cappella for us? give us a little taste of what the audience will hear on monday? am i putting you on the spot? >> no. >> i was going to say, i can't put you on the spot? you're performers, right? >> right. >> so we don't have that much time, but i would love to share with our viewers just some of your sounds. >> okay, michael, what you -- >> this is the way we all got. ♪ united ♪ unite ♪ i'm tired of running around ♪ me and my baby's going to
11:48 am
settle down ♪ ♪ whoo ♪ and i'm gonna make her my bride ♪ ♪ we're gonna walk down the aisle side by side ♪ ♪ cause i love her ♪ she loves me ♪ that's the way it's gonna be ♪ and baby, you just wait and see ♪ ♪ we're gonna be united ♪ united ♪ we're gonna be united ♪ united ♪ oh >> you don't even need instruments. you guys a great. that's a taste of what everyone's gouing to hear on monday and it's going to be with music and you're a treat to have in our studio. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. >> thank you,ç katy. >> and i like your shoes. >> and we're going to give you this picture. we hope that -- >> oh, i love it.
11:49 am
i do, i love it! it's going on my desk. thank you, guys, so much. >> thank you. >> well, for a full list of wawa welcome america events, including monday's concert at 5:00, just tap the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. well, if you are getting an early start to your fourth of july weekend, just keep in mind, we have thunderstorms in the forecast for today. right now, a live look out at center city, overcast skies. we don't have the rain just yet, but it's on the way and mostly for this afternoon. we have a first alert out for today, for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware for the afternoon and evening hours. we expect strong to severe thunderstorms, so with any thunderstorm that moves in, it has the potential to become strong to severe, so that means a heavy rain, damaging winds, lightning, and also the potential for hail. here's a look at the radar currently. we're not seeing any
11:50 am
thunderstorms around right now. we do have some just south of suffolk county in maryland and those are going to move offshore. but we are watching back off to our west, moving into parts of western p.a. and new york and we'll see these approach as we get closer to the 2:00 p.m. time frame. and of course, that time until about 7:00 p.m., the best chance for scattered showers and storms. temperatures this afternoon, reaching mid-80s. 86 degrees, university city, scattered thunderstorms around. if you're in lansdale, 85 degrees there. reading, 82. afternoon showers and storms. south jersey, expect mid-80s for hamilton township. wilmington in delaware will stay in the mid-80s. here's future weather. now we're looking at 3:30. notice how there's a little more activity here in new jersey, delaware, parts of pennsylvania, scattered showers and some storms developing. even more as we get closer to the 5:00 and 6:00 hours. could still be north and west of philadelphia. and this starting to die out as we go into the late-night hours.
11:51 am
so we'll be watching those and tracking those for you throughout the afternoon. the rest of your weekend looks really good. after we get past the storms and clouds today, we'll be shaping up nicely for your saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, in the mid-80s for your fourth of july weekend. and then we go into your monday. and most of the area will be dry. we do, however, have a late chance for showers and especially in new jersey and also delaware, but we could see through the rest of the area, not until monday night, though, so most of your weekend, staying nice and dry, lookiég nice and sunny. if you're heading to penn's landing tonight, there's a chance we could see a lingering shower or thunderstorm by 8:00 p.m. for the philadelphia orchestra concert, but by 10:00 p.m. for the fireworks, we should be in the clear. temperatures low 70s. we could still be seeing some clouds lingering, but overall, a lot of the rain will be out of here. fourth of july, 11:00 a.m., we're looking at the parade, 78 degrees. by concert time at 5:00 p.m., 86 degrees. i think we'll see more clouds starting to move in. and then we go into the
11:52 am
fireworks at 10:00 p.m., cloudy skies, 86 degrees. and we'll see some rain trying to approach, too. there is a very small chance that we could see some late-night showers for monday night. again, mostly new jersey and delaware, but we will be watching that very closely and tweaking that forecast as we get closer to it, too. here's your shore forecast for the weekend. as you're going to avalon, margate, stone harbor, atlantic beach or rehoboth city, today, yes, it will be cloudy with showers around, but tomorrow and sunday, plenty of sunshine. temperatures staying around 80 degrees and most of monday will be dry, but then again, that chance for some very late showers in the forecast. so enjoy your fourth of july weekend. remember, though, the uv index is going to be high. don't let today fuel you. sunburn in about 15 minutes. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. making a difference. if you know of any organization in our area that's doing just that, we need your help rewarding them with free money. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support institutions that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website,, and the deadline to apply is august 26th. well, coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00, ellen welcomes channing tatum to the show. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00.
11:56 am
this afternoon, nowhere to go but down. one thrill seeker's terrifying moment when his parachute fails to open. the dramatic video and much more this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> that's terrifying. >> right? >> my mouth dropped. i've been skydiving and, to have the feeling of your chute not opening when you're free-falling, oh, my goodness. can i not imagine that. >> right, no. sheena's sitting over here jaw dropped. >> and tune in this afternoon, because we'll be tracking thunderstorms, too. if you're starting your fourth of july weekend early with today, thunderstorms this afternoon. some going to be strong to ç severe, but we'll laook at the light at the end of the tunnel, much of your week. saturday, mid-80s. if you're heading out to the shore, around 80 degrees, sunny and dry. even on sunday. by monday, we'll see clouds increasing for the fourth of july. there's a chance we could see some very late rain monday, so we'll watch that closely.
11:57 am
>> all right, sheena, looks good, thank you. have a great july 4th weekend. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm katy zachary. for sheena parveen and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> nicole: no. no, no, no. getting revenge on kate because of what she did to you... >> deimos: and you. >> nicole: that wasn't the deal. you said you'd changed. a whole new outlook, remember? >> deimos: what kate did was beyond cruel. >> nicole: you said you would come back to salem and make things right, clear me of any suspicion of murder. and what--now that's just off because you'd rather stick it to kate? >> kate: you saw... >> andre: deimos kiriakis. talking with nicole. >> kate: are you sure? >> andre: well, i've never met that particular kiriakis in person, but certainly looked like the man who's been on the news lately. >> kate: where did you see them? >> andre: in the private park


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